Tags is majoring in computer science. He is from Warren, Illinois and hosts the Tower of Rock on Wednesdays nights at 8pm.

Station Manager

Jacob Plapp

Little Red is majoring in psychology and minoring in forensic investigation. She is from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She the Hard Rock Haven Saturday nights, 8pm to 12pm.

Assistant Station Manager

Michaela Marceau-Zielinski

Giver is from Rockford Illinois and is a criminal justice major with an emphasis in law enforcement. He runs the After Hours Jam on Monday Nights and hosts the Sonic Pulse on Friday nights, both at 8pm.

Program Director

Jordan Williams

Mojo is from Dyersville, Iowa. He is working on a degree in Media Studies. Mojo hosts The Rodeo on Tuesday afternoons, and in his spare time, he can be found taking pictures, hanging out with family, or playing soccer.

Promotions Director

Bradley Prier

Serving their first semester on Executive Staff.


William Keiffer

Serving their first semester on Executive Staff.

Productions Director

Nathaniel Godfrey

Serving their first semester on Executive Staff.

News & Sports Director

Redic Richardson, III

Tyler Tollefson is a 2008 alum of UW-Platteville, graduating with a  B.S. in Communication Technologies with an emphasis in Broadcast Production. While a student, he served as WSUP’s Assistant Program Director in 2006 and Station Manager in 2007.  He is now a Technologist in the UW-Platteville Media Technology Services department and resides in Platteville with his wife, Betsy, and their English bulldog, Dwight.

Adviser & General Manager

Tyler Tollefson

Serving their first semester on Executive Staff.

Music Director

William Seth Maclay

For disability accommodations, contact:

Tyler Tollefson, General Manager, 608.342.1319


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